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What Our Service Are Saying

"AYCA offers advisory services for formulating and implementing strategies to expand existing markets and to enter new markets, in India. With in-depth knowledge of how various product-markets work in India, marketing strategies suggested by AYCA are customized to meet the needs of the client.”
“For foreign firms, interested in doing business in India, AYCA offers end to end services. From the initial market analysis and formulation of entry strategy to providing assistance in setting up Indian operations, AYCA works closely with the client and provides high level consulting resources..”


AYCASONIC India was founded by a group of Telecommunication professionals to provide Management Consulting, Legal and other Advisory and Market Research services to existing and up coming organization in the Telecom & IT field. AYCA assists clients in developing Entry Strategies, conducts Policy related studies, B2B Market Research and Feasibility Studies and offers Advisory Services for Value added services, specifications and quality assurance (QA) related works etc

AYCA is trusted for its expertise, impartiality and its ability to get the best results for clients. AYCA focus solely on the telecommunications and IT and so have developed unparallel industry knowledge, techniques and data sources. This gives AYCA – and their clients – a head start.

AYCA shapes the industry through extensive work on policy and regulation. AYCA has worked with most of the sector’s key players to identify solutions to the problems they face. Working at board level AYCA has developed strategies for several companies. AYCASONIC’s consultants bring a unique combination of business consulting skills and detailed sector expertise to deliver practical results with a speed, objectivity and insight that has earned us a reputation for excellence.

AYCA provides a framework for understanding the Indian Regulatory Environment and the options available for structuring a new venture in India; policies, rules and regulations of the Government of India are presented in an easy-to-comprehend manner. AYCA assists foreign clients in filing applications and obtaining the necessary approvals to commence operations in India.

AYCA’s management consulting and market research services have been availed by a large number of Indian companies as well as international firms in USA, CHINA, JAPAN, KOREA, UK. Ayca has been involved in various projects for CDMA, Cordect, GSM, Broadband, Microwave Radios, ISP etc .



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